TEST Wind, Rain or Snow


Make your voice heard! After the MBTA's breakdown in the snowy conditions this month, it's clear we must address the chronic underfunding of our public transit system. Add your name to this petition to let the Governor and Massachusetts State Legislature know that we need reliable public transportation, roads and sidewalks.

A Charlie Ticket cannot be a lottery ticket. Getting around safely and on time should never be a game of chance. For workers, students, families, seniors and visitors all across the state, our MBTA and regional bus service (RTA’s) must be improved and maintained to operate regardless of the weather. Winter conditions have exposed the worst of our transit systems, but regular riders know that we face unreliable bus and train service every day. Improvements mean adequate funding to maintain and upgrade our trains, buses, roads, bridges, sidewalks, and bikeways that we rely on for our daily lives.

Please sign this petition to join this effort. In 2013, the legislature took a small first step in boosting funding for transportation. With your help, we will ask our elected leaders to finish the job and act now to make our transportation network reliable.